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How to Choose Casting Mold

Casting mold refers to the metal model used in order to obtain qualified parts, ordinary manual modeling, commonly used wood model, plastic model and mechanical modeling. So how do we choose casting mold materials?


Selection of casting mold materials:


1. Production batch: When the production batch of stamping parts is large, the material of punch and mold for working parts of mold should be selected as mold steel with high quality and good wear resistance. For the other parts of the mold, the material of the process structure and the auxiliary structure should be improved accordingly. When the batch size is small, the requirements for material properties should be relaxed to reduce costs.


2. Performance of stamped materials and service conditions of mold parts


When the stamped material is hard or the deformation resistance is large, the punch and concave mold should choose the material with good wear resistance and high strength. When drawing stainless steel, the aluminum bronze mold can be used, because it has good adhesion resistance. The guide sleeve of the guide pillar requires wear resistance and good toughness, so the surface of low carbon steel is often carburized and quenched.


3. Material properties should take into account the cold and hot working properties of materials and the existing conditions of factories.


4. Use micro-deformed mold steel to reduce the cost of machining.


5. Mold steel with special properties should be developed and applied for special requirements.


6. The selection of mold materials should be decided according to the use conditions of mold parts, so as to reduce the cost by choosing low-cost materials on the premise of meeting the main conditions.